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Hello there folks!

I am Katrina Toomalatai and I am called Kyte by many. I have a passion for writing and basically I would like to hold on to as much of my memory as I could through it. Besides its power to keep everything on record, I write to get balanced out. I am a professional performing artist working for the happiest place on earth and the nature of my job is to give out service. So, writing is my chance to give something to myself. Surprisingly, I found out that most of what I write needs to be shared.

I have put up this website solely to serve as a source of good information. It will be packed of time worthy posts that aim to credit people, places and events that inspired me and also to recommend fabulous finds that life may lead me to seeing. Hopefully, as I write my experiences alongside these tributes, I could serve as an inspiration to other people too. Most of it would be tackling everything I’m passionate about: DIY projects, movies, books, food, real life stories, volunteer and charity work, theatre plays, dance workshops and fitness regimes, education, finance, entrepreneurship, creativity, health and beauty. I can go on and on but to sum it all up, this website will be talking about living life to its maximum potential!

I have taught English and Nursing. I have hosted kiddie parties and I have edited a lot of written work. I did photography, studied Chemical Engineering and have finished school by being under many dance scholarships including that of Salinggawi Dance Troupe of the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines, and FEDEX PBA team of the Philippines. I have had commercial endorsements done for Colgate-Palmolive Phlippines, AMA Computer School and NESTEA Iced Tea. I have danced with Whiplash Inc. from 2001 to 2007 before heading to Hong Kong to be part of the Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited.

I have started blogging since 2006 and it changed my life immensely. It all started as a hobby until I find myself trying things, exploring places and tasting food just to be able to write something extraordinary. Not until I have sat with a life coaching student that I was able to direct my passion into a funnel that leads me to realizing what I really want to do in my life. I am a full pledged nurse and yet I am currently pursuing a career for writing while I work as a professional parade dancer. I am enrolled at the British Council to be a Professional Freelance Journalist and I am continuously seeking further education in this field. Last October 2016, I had attended Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference and I was exposed to influential writers that inspired me greatly that led me to taking a leap to having a self-hosted blog. So now, I am here.

I am a Filipino married to a Samoan and currently residing in Hong Kong with my husband and daughter. That statement alone is full of culture, color and plenty of stories to tell in between. Being a parent, being in a relationship and having a career, that’s another set to juggle. Growth is inevitable and I may have experiences and thriving skills that I may have developed that may serve helpful to others. According to Internet Live Stats, as of 2016, 40% of the world’s population have internet connection. This means getting exposed to a lot of meaningless information and therefore, wasted time. I would love to be one of the people who will be putting worth to a reader’s second, minute, hour and day.

As for a closing note, I would want to encourage every follower and reader of this website to write for themselves regardless if it is to be published or not, but just to exercise self rediscovery and self awareness. Sometimes, this helps us in getting directed to our purpose. Also, please feel free to share away posts that you may find worthy to share from this website. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would want to avail of any goods and services offered here.




I have a deep regard for time. But when I write, it passes so swiftly that I forget it exists. This helped me realise my love for it. As I consider it therapeutic, allowing me to express an opinion even if I have to swear, I delight in a reader's sense of engagement at all times. I am thankful for those who give it to me freely. I also love a cup of Joe, a good read and the season of Autumn.

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