Disney had released its Halloween Dance Tutorial video for kids yesterday to kickstart its Halloween season!

Hong Kong Disneyland targeted the internet, the trendiest form of medium to release content, in starting their Halloween treat for the guests this year.

Starting tomorrow, September 13, Hong Kong Disneyland is starting their Halloween season with lots of treats for the guests. Starting with a Mickey’s street party, the audience will be invited to play and dance along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Dale, Goofy, Duffy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and many more.

The release of many Disney characters last Spring at the Carnival Parade wowed the guests in so many levels. Hong Kong Disneyland promised continued entertainment like this so they are filling the parade once again. This Halloween season, they will be welcoming you with a trio tandem of the Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party, Flights of Fantasy, and Villains Night Out Parade.


The Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party invites guests to jump, shout, howl and scream as their show stops features emcees that will guide the kids to dancing with their favourite characters. Mickey and his friends will wear their special Halloween costumes for this special gathering. In addition, guests can enjoy playful moments with the Halloween balls that would be passed around during the show. Here’s the tutorial that I urge you to share to your kids regardless if you’re going to Disney or not! It’s actually a good way of making them active both at home and while in the park!

The Flights of Fantasy Parade, with more than 20 plus characters, continues to put people in awe with their story telling performances. But as the night falls, evil calls. The Villains Night Out will celebrate the hallowed nights from September 13 ’til Nov. 1 with terror and mystery. With the second chapter revealing a mystery villain, spooky surprises don’t end there.

Photo credits to Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook page

Evil Queen


Photo credits to Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook page.

Mystery Villain

Photo credits to Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook page.


Be in your best costume and head to the Fantasyland to visit the DIY booths for your candy loot. As you go around the park, find the candy givers that actually chants a spell to serve you. Then head to the haunted house that you surely would never forget.

Alas! you have a complete Halloween venue for this year.

For more details, log on to Hong Kong Disneyland’s website and find a great deal for you to get accommodated accordingly.

Meanwhile, I’d like to acknowledge Hong Kong’s 20th anniversary, Hong Kong Disneyland’s 12th year and my husband’s 10th year in the business!


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