One day or Day one!

Everybody has got to start with something!

I have assigned days as for my categories to fulfill my website’s drive to empower its readers to embrace a fearless lifestyle.

Elizabeth Gilbert touched this topic beautifully in her book, “Big Magic”. Her ultimate reason for writing the book was to urge all of its readers to embrace creativity by living fearlessly, zero fear! And her basis to being creative is by being curious. In addition to that, I know people would be able to live fearlessly if they are knowledgeable of simple things.

My days are being presented simply as #DIYMonday, #LaidbackTuesday, #WineandDineWednesday, #NOtearsThursday, #FabfindFriday, #SwagginSaturday, #SereneSunday. We also have casual entries for #featureofthemonth and #lifestyleweekend.


I have a deep regard for time. But when I write, it passes so swiftly that I forget it exists. This helped me realise my love for it. As I consider it therapeutic, allowing me to express an opinion even if I have to swear, I delight in a reader's sense of engagement at all times. I am thankful for those who give it to me freely. I also love a cup of Joe, a good read and the season of Autumn.

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