The hues red and white can simply bing the spirit of Christmas to life. Simple, creative and sassy.

Ladies, allow yourself to welcome the festive season with great nail art. The following Christmas designs for your monthly nail-sesh can impress your spouses and amigas as you walk in the holiday parties that are lined up. It can be treated as instant confidence boosters too!

A lot of parties are lined up in your schedule. Besides the list of gifts you have to complete, you are also on the look out for the best outfit for every affair. With that one statement, everything is about spending a lot of moolah!

Well ladies, there’s a way on how to pump up your look without costing you a whole in your pocket. Just make sure to invest on naturally hued clothes. Add little layering here and there. And for a different look that will surely take your style on a higher level, paint your nails. But of course, paint them by the season!

I have put together Holiday designs that are cute and quite easy. Buy Christmas-y colors and don’t forget a bit of glitter. All designs need good fine motor skills but the beauty in it is that you get to be creative.

So without further ado, here they are:


Personally, I despise white nail polish. It’s true!!! But when I saw this design, I thought it was brilliant. It seems to put a 3D drama to it and the white coating makes the colored light bulbs, pop out.

Essie also is a trusted brand nonetheless so if you’re worried that it might chip off easily, don’t fret! Because with a last coating atop the final stroke, you’re good to go.

What’s more, it has a white color for the background coat featuring with light bulbs with so many colors that could help you with any dress you have. It could match it however because you basically have all the colors on your nails!!!! Unlike some colors that just isn’t possible to match with one particular hue. Like, let’s say you have forest green nail polish, it just wouldn’t look good while you wear a yellow dress. Unless it is for a special photo shoot or something.


Nothing beats a design which the Christmas Tree actually blends in to your nails. It’s fun, it’s bold and it’s very creative. It’s like an abstract attraction. If you see it, you know that it’s a Christmas tree and that it’s almost smelling like pine trees.

With a careful analysis of how it’s done, nothing special is actually added to it. It’s all doable by yourself since no embellishment of some sort need to be added. Same with the earlier suggestion, finish the main polish with a forest green hue. And then have your star stencil prepared perhaps. That could help you perfect the star image. While the green nail polish dries up completely, select where you’re going to establish the stars at and brush the yellow coat through. Once that’s settled and completely dried up, then you fill up the remaining spaces with the Christmas Ball effects!

Again, don’t forget to let it all dry completely. Allot time to it. Maybe the best thing to do is binge watch Christmas blockbusters while doing this! Then you’ll at least feel productive. Finish it with a clear enamel strengthening coat and voilà! You’re definitely inviting the Christmas vibe!



Now this requires work. I would highly suggest this be done by a professional. I love the midnight blue and the gold partnership here. You are also allowed with any kind of design but I love how it’s varied with everything. Christmas decor, mistletoe, a Christmas tree, a Merry Christmas in scripted font and the twilight sky? What else can you think of?


Christmas is nothing without the color red, the color white, and the glitter.

If you’re looking for a design that has all three, dive into this mesmerizing effect. It could go best with a solid gold dress or a plain red one and you will be all set.

Again, this might need professional hands and you might want to consider using a gel nail polish on this for longer life span. But if you find that too damaging for your nail beds upon removal, you can just use the ordinary nail polish then use gloves to protect it from getting chipped when you have to wash dishes or clothes.


The Holiday season is pretty much about being laid back. This next design is reflective of this thought.

Gray and white, pretty dull colors. But with Rudolph’s nose giving it a sense of humour turns it to something so cute. Have a little bit of fun. Turn the winter days into something productive. Expand your creativity by perfecting that snowflake.

Practice this on a friend first by setting the nail bed with a gel nail polish. The rest of the designs depend on what you want to pair with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. May I suggest that whatever you decide on, keep Rudolph the highlight of it. Leave him to be the main subject.

Then, once you get used to the materials in bringing forth that delicate painting, practice on your own nails!


How amazing is it that you could actually put an abstract image of a the usual American Christmas rooftop on your nail beds? Where the ice forms atop the rooves of bungalows with a mistletoe or a Christmas wreathe to heighten up the Christmas spirit. This could be one of the nail polishes that could keep you up with the Jones’ without having to spend a fortune doing so. It’s very simple to do yet effectively seasonal!


There is only one thing that popped in my head when I saw this design. Opening presents!

Every Christmas, we wrap gifts with a hope that they could actually bring happiness to that special someone we intended the gift for.

But what is the best gift anyway?

For me, on top of the cliché, “It’s the thought that counts”, I’d like to emphasize on being able to share.

Your hands are powerful tools. They can make friends through a shake, they can wave hello and wave goodbye and most of all, they can create.

This is actually an inspiring design that can be there while you attend the parties, while you meet new people and say goodbye to visiting loved ones and most especially, this could be a design you would lovingly flaunt as you serve the English muffins you baked.


You are the person who is simple and doesn’t like too much drama. You want something fast but you don’t want to be left out from the trending nail polish styles this Holiday season. So here’s something for you.

Turn your clean French tip into something unusual by putting glitters by the edge. This provides a glistening effect. In reality, this is due to the different shapes of every snowflake that falls.

Trivia: Every snowflake has a different shape. This is like our thumb prints where each is uniquely different with another. Its irregularities catches and retracts light that”s why, it glistens.

This can be worn during your office Christmas party in jeans and a Santa hat. And imagine if you’re in a long body hugging silver gown for that countdown event with long fringe silver earrings! I’m sure it would look fabulous!


For sure there’ll be long-gown Christmas Holiday balls that you may need this design. This is very simple. Your usual jungle red? Frost that! Just as how Matthew McConaughey had done in his campaign in the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”!


Besides the sparkly champagne, sparkly chandelier, sparkly dresses and sparkly bling blings, here comes the sparkly nail polish to join the festivities!

Firstly, allow me to say I love how the pink nail polish fades into a glittered clear white effect. With the drawings atop, it just finished it majestically. I love how the ordinary nail polish can actually put this into effect with an all-natural color for a base.

This is best suited to wear in all-white Christmas party events which never goes out of style during Christmas and New Year’s! Expose skin like never by going bare in the hands. Refrain from wearing anything around the wrists giving all attention to your finished product. Just let a necklace carry everything about your wardrobe. A low cleavage can also add up to the grooviness.

This virginal design would best go for light coloured dresses.


If ever you would have a chance to meet Santa Clause’s wife, she might have worn this design every day! Hahaha! Kidding aside, here’s another humorous peg!

All of these creative works are Instagram worthy. Have a try of a design or two and tell me about the people’s reaction to them.  Merry Christmas!!!!


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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