Pampering is just but a few of Nailandia’s plan for you. Nailandia had attracted many celebrities with the cozy interior it keeps as its brand. But as it opens up another branch in Piy Margal, Sampaloc, Manila, it reaches out to the masses offering professional hand and foot spa services. They also offer body massage that could relax your mind and rejuvenate you in an instant from a week’s work or a stressful day.

Learning from the book by Gary Vaynerchuk entitled, “Crush It!”, one thing that’s important in considering which business to put up, is your passion. Your passion runs in the DNA you hold that makes you YOU. And that’s how my Karen and Sazzon Gloda, crushed it with Nailandia!

The branch of Nailandia, ‘the land of nails’, at Piy Margal is now open to serve you with its staff’s soft hands, efficient massage and professional creativity. During its soft opening, I had the privilege to interview the hardworking branch owners. From finding the right location, keeping up their job while having to put up a business they like and would benefit from. The hardest part of it all, maintaining the gusto in serving customers no matter how tiring it could get.

The super women of my family that built and sustained businesses all their lives. (fr. L-R: Karen Gloda, Sazzon Gloda, Alicia Gloda, Virginia Brundage)

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I couldn’t be more proud to see how my cousins have grown into beautiful capable women. Long gone are the days that Stepfords are the ones rollin’ in keeping up with the Jones’. Where all that’s expected of you is to keep the house tidy, drink tea and plan when the next party would be. It went into a transformation where women had been socially accepted to work, own a bank account and run an actual business.


The last quarter of 2017, Karen and Sazzon Gloda of the Gloda Enterprises had franchised Nailandia and wasted no time in putting it up. They managed to do a soft opening before Christmas, taking the opportunity to serve a number of customers that would be taking time off for the holidays. And those who actually would be needing some pampering after they were so busy cooking and preparing for their families. Sister power should never be underestimated alright.

Amazingly, I had the chance to be there and be spoilt!

It inspired me on how they came up with the idea of doing a business around what they love doing the most.

You see, in the Philippines, manicure and pedicure services are very cheap. Many balikbayans and tourists enlist this to their itinerary when they come visit because of the very good service despite how cheap it comes across. In fact, when I was working in the Philippines, I could afford a manicure every two weeks as compared to staying here in Hong Kong because it’s undeniably expensive. Hong Kong locals enjoy going to Shenzhen (being the closest to the country) for these services since they offer the same cheap stake.

So, it’s a given that the demand for such service is there.

See the equation with me:

my cousins love mani and pedi services (passion) + not only them (demand from the consumers) = BIG IDEA!!!


Now there are people who just grab on an idea and build it without understanding the importance of looking at its maximum potential first. This is one of the Lessons I have learned in the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference 2016.

“You don’t just act on a single idea. Make a plan around it so that it gives birth to more ideas. This will help in multiplying your stream of income from different sources.

For example, you are a writer. And you have an idea of writing a fictitious book about a serial killer. Let’s say, you infused a mysterious element like an orchid that on every corpse the killer had murdered, he leaves an orchid behind. Business opportunities can go around it by deciding on writing a non-fiction book about orchids. Affiliate with botanical gardens, shows and stores and ask them for your book to be sold at their stores. As you give talks about your book, share something about orchids as you have become well-versed about it. And then, just expand your horizons and connections until you write another serial killer book again. This time around, with roses. So you see, your idea, should not just stay as is.”

-Nina Amir is one of the 400 elite Certified High Performance Coaches working around the world—and the only one working specifically with writers, bloggers, and dancers. She is an award-winning writer, journalist, blogger, and founder of the Non-Fiction Writing Month and the Non-Fiction Writer’s University.


“Nailandia is customer and kid-friendly. It keeps a reputation that is exclusive to their brand. Like the colors should be within blue, green, white and nothing too girly of a design. They have a list of regulations we needed to follow in decorating. Like the wall should be hand-painted and it should be fun, yet relaxing to look at. It should be rejuvenating to the people that would look at it and it should never be gender-biased. It should not denote anything rebellious, pretentious and ambitious. That’s what Nailandia is all about.”, explains Karen.

Karen and Sazzon were meticulous in how their salon would look like. And of course, they aim for customer satisfaction. Right after my mother and I had the manicure service, they were eager to get hold of feedback from us if their staff had given their mantra of holistic service some justice. Undeniably, they did everything they could from doing soft opening as early as 9:30am then continuing service way until 12midnight almost for us. And here I am ready to do the best part of any business: the WORD OF MOUTH!

I took this shot after my interview with Karen and Sazzon while my mom is having her nail polish dried up.



NAILANDIA Manicure starts from Php150.00 (HK$35.00) and Nailandia Pedicure starts from Php200.00 (HK$39.00). They use Paraffin exclusively by DEPILEVE. They use nail polish only by ZOYA. So don’t worry because you are assured of its quality. Nail Art embellishments are also available for a price starting at Php200.00 (HK$39.00). Depending on which style you want, stones and themes are priced accordingly starting from Php20.00 (HK$3.90)/stone, theme pearls and wraps.

Waxing Services (or Cold Sugar Wax, if preferred,) are available. The service covers underarm, half arm, full arm, half leg, full leg, face, upper lip, lower lip, eyebrows, chest/back/stomach and the bikini line. Brazilian wax is available to those who opt for it. Eyelash Enhancement services may be done through eyelash perming and eyelash extensions starting at Php100.00 (HK$16.60).


Pretty much, manicure and pedicure is also available for them except that the price starts at Php175.00 (HK$29.00). The massages come in packages, usually in combination with the hand and foot treatment. Threading starts at Php150.00 (HK$25.00) and covers eyebrows, upper lip, underarm, full face, half leg, full leg. In addition to what the men can be pampered with is the ear candling priced at Php280.00 (HK$46.60).

May I suggest you try King’s Delight Package. It includes NAILANDIA Manicure, pedicure, muscular relief Hand Spa (30 mins), Intensive Callous Treatment Foot Spa, Whole Body Massage (choice of Swedish, Shiatsu or Combination).


Like how Karen had emphasised earlier, the kids could have their own service too. If you find it too fancy for them, take it as something you could do as a family. Most of the time, you are all together engaging in some sort of physical activity. How about slow relaxing moments at Nailandia? This could teach your kids to take necessary breaks when need be and would understand the impact of investing time with their significant relationships. So give them a Fairy’s Fantastic Treat which are exclusively for kids. The services include Kiddie Hand Spa, Foot Spa, NAILANDIA Kiddie Care Manicure, NAILANDIA Kiddie Care Pedicure, Kiddie Nail Art, Kiddie Foot Massage, Kiddie Massage.

I have seen how the staff that was attending to me opened and used a sealed pack of clippers, nail cutters, nail files and nail pushers that were sterilised. This was a crucial tidbit for me because skin breakages are unavoidable when availing of these services.

I am more than proud of my young cousins in attaining their dream of a land of nails! A Classic Whimsical Treat, a Total Luxury Delight or a Magical Feet Indulgence. Check out Nailandia, Piy Margal corner Carola St. You may just need one of these packages today.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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